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Re: [N929-038 public] - GNAT Libre_contact/general request - question about the license of documentation in GPL packages

Dear Nicolas,

Thank you for your interest in the packages made available on the libre

On 2014-09-29, nicolas@debian.org wrote :

>   We would appreciate a clarification, as the existence of invariant
>   sections and cover texts would force us to remove the documentation
>   from Debian.

Generally speaking, the license applicable to components made available
on the libre site, software and documentation, is documented within the
corresponding source packages. 

It does not mean necessarily that all elements of a given package are
under the same license: some nesting is possible.

Typically, software works are licensed under the GPL, and documentation
is licensed under the GFDL, with Invariant sections if the copyright
notice says so. This is exactly the situation for the ASIS package. 

I hope this answers your questions,

Kind regards,


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