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apq, gnat-gps.. non-maintainer uploads


May I suggest you to read this document carefully next time you
prepare a non-maintainer upload?

Your NMU for apq fixes a FTBFS by removing an explicit GNAT version
from the build dependencies.

https://people.debian.org/~lbrenta/debian-ada-policy.html explains why
such a change breaks the -dev package, potentially causing obscure
failures later for reverse build-dependencies like apq-postgres.

It may also help you figure why the gnat-4.9 migration takes so much
time. We often attempt to package new upstream version when updating
the compiler version, in order to avoid unnecessary -dev package
renamings needing manual processing by the FTP masters.

Had you sent a diff to the maintainers while uploading to the delayed
queue, they would probably have told you that.

It would not have been easy to reach you though, as the address in the
changelog is invalid.

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