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status update


A new representation of the transition to gnat-4.9 in unstable is
attached (dashed means: builds no library).

Libgnatcoll is waiting for manual approval in the NEW queue. This may
take a while because it is a new source package.  Asis and libaws are
ready and will follow quickly.

It is now possible to work on adabrowse, adacontrol or libalog. Here
are the steps to build the required libgnatcoll/asis/aws snapshots.

You may either create an empty Monotone database
# mtn -d $db db init
or use an existing one.
Download the packaging from the server to your database.  The first
time you contact this server, monotone will show its key. You should
check that it matches f8a11727e8983cf9083c08c6a2acaa27e439dd39.
# mtn -d $db pull mtn://www.ada-france.org?org.debian.libgnatcoll
Last steps depend on the package.
# mtn -d $db cat debian/README.source | less

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