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Building 32 bit apps with 64 bit Gnat?

Another possibly dumb question...

How do I go about building a 32-bit application with amd64 Gnat-4.9?

On the face of it, "-m32" would do the job ... and it might as far as
the compilation is concerned, but gnatmake reports:

gnatmake: RTS path not valid: missing adainclude and adalib directories

Perfectly reasonable as only the native RTS is installed
(in /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.9/rts-native ).

Attempting to install gnat-4.9:i386 fails with a chain of missing
dependencies : gcc-4.9:i396 -> binutils:i386 
Which apt-get offers to install, uninstalling a whole bunch of other
packages including all the amd64 compilers...

What I'm leading up to is, should the 32-bit RTS be available as a
separate package to allow multilib builds? (ditto the 64-bit one for
those folks using the 32-bit compiler; probably not many)

Or is there a simple process to generate and install it?
Perhaps copy from a 32-bit installation into /opt/somewhere/safe and
point --RTS= at it.

It's not a showstopper, I've put off trying Ludovic's instructions for
installing a 32-bit chroot for long enough...

- Brian

- Brian

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