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Re: internal dependencies between libgtkada -dev packages

Nicolas Boulenguez <nicolas.boulenguez@free.fr> writes:
> Libgtkada source products two packages. Among them:
> libgtkadagl$(GTK_GL_ALI_VERSION)-dev
> libgtkada$(GTK_ALI_VERSIOn)-dev
> Currently, the former Depends: the latter (= common Debian binary version).
> Maybe the version restriction is not needed. Any binary package with
> the right GTK_ALI_VERSION should provide the exact same sources and
> ALI files. Is it safe to remove it?

No, not safe, because each -dev package also contains a lib$PACKAGE.a
binary.  libgtkadagl.a must be binary-compatible with libgtkada.a, which
means their compiler options must be compatible (and ideally,
identical).  The Debian upload number may change due to changing the
compiler options in an incompatible way.

(Sorry for the late reply... real life...)

Ludovic Brenta.

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