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Re: Good bye Stephen Leake

Ludovic Brenta <ludovic@ludovic-brenta.org> writes:

> Hello, world.
> Following [1], I have regretfully orphaned all of Stephen Leake's
> packages; they are now all up for adoption.  Please consider adopting
> one or more of these and close the orphaning bugs in your next upload:
> #673750 O: gnade -- GNat Ada Database Environment
> #673751 O: gprbuild -- a multi-language extensible build tool
> #673752 O: libaunit -- AUnit, a unit testing framework for Ada
> #673753 O: libopentoken -- OpenToken lexical analysis library for Ada

Thanks, I guess I should have done that.

> Because several packages now build depend on gprbuild and aunit, I
> will from now on insist that anyone requesting sponsorship for a
> new package must adopt one of these first.  If you are interested,
> please say so on this list.
> Because of Stephe's outstanding work, all of these packages are now in
> excellent shape with very few bugs open.  However, gprbuild GPL 2012
> is due any time now and and one might consider packaging that.

I am hanging out here, and will help anyone adopting these packages.

-- Stephe

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