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Re: GNAT on armhf

Tero Koskinen wrote:
>> I managed to create some preliminary GNAT binary, which runs on Debian
>> armhf and generates Debian armhf binaries from Ada source code.
> Actual .deb packages are available at
> http://iki.fi/tero.koskinen/debian/armhf/deb-packages/
> The are build with following commands:
> apt-get source gcc-4-6
> cd gcc-...
> vi debian/rules.defs # disable everything except c and ada
> LANG=C TMPDIR=$HOME/tmp dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -d

So you build natively on armhf, don't you? What bootstrap compiler do you
use (i.e. /usr/bin/gnatgcc)?

> And installed:
> dpkg -i --force-all ../*.deb
> I think the next logical step would be to build the armhf gnat packages like
> the official ones are done. I don't have any idea how that is done, but I am
> sure someone on the list knows?

The bootstrapping would consist in:
1 automating your changes ("vi debian/rules.defs # disable everything except c 
  and ada") by merging them into the official debian/rules.def, with suitable
2 installing your manually-built .deb packages on an armhf porter machine
3 rebuilding on the porter machine
4 uploading the rebuilt package into the official Debian archive

Since steps 2..4 require a Debian Developer, I'm willing to do those.  Could
you please send me a patch for step 1?

Thanks for all the hard work!

Ludovic Brenta.

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