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Re: ada.directories.full_name and circular symlinks

Nicolas Boulenguez wrote:

If foo is a symlink targeting "foo", GNAT's implementation of
Ada.Directories.Full_Name ("foo") returns "".

System.OS_Lib.Normalize_Pathname body ends with:

--  Too many iterations: give up
--  This can happen when there is a circularity in the symbolic links: A
--  is a symbolic link for B, which itself is a symbolic link, and the
--  target of B or of another symbolic link target of B is A. In this
--  case, we return an empty string to indicate failure to resolve.

This seems to be an error according to RM-A-16 72/2.
Do I miss something, or is it a bug?

It is definitely an error. They should either return "foo" or raise the exception Name_Error.

The tricky question is _which_ of the two. I would argue that symlinks are 'special files' (in the RM terminology) and it thus is wrong to follow a symlink in Ada.Directories.Full_Name. I.e. the correct action in your example would be to return "foo".

The alternative is to claim that a symlink isn't a file at all, which at least will make some people annoyed.


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