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Re: Bug#660245: liblog4ada: FTBFS when not building docs: pdflatex: Command not found

Xavier Grave <xavier.grave@ipno.in2p3.fr> writes:

> Any idea of what I may have done wrong ?

Good question.  My best guess offhand is that this technique only works
when using the dh sequencer rather than raw debhelper.

> 	if [ -e /usr/bin/pdflatex ]; then $(MAKE) -C doc; fi

That works too.

> But instead of closing bug 660245, what do you think about my idea to
> reasign it to pdebuild package ?

I would say we are looking at two separate bugs here; as such, my
recommendation would be to let this bug stand (and address it as
discussed above) and open a new one against pbuilder.


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