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Re: Transition to gnat-4.6 current status


This is a status update about the transition to gnat-4.6.
The previous status update is at

adabrowse           OK
adacgi              OK
adacontrol          OK
adasockets          OK
ahven               OK
asis                OK
gnade               OK
gnat                OK
gnat-gps            OK
gnatpython          OK (renamed to python-gnatpython)
gprbuild            OK
libaws              OK
libaunit            OK
libflorist          OK
libgmpada           OK
libgtkada2          OK (renamed to libgtkada)
liblog4ada          OK
libncursesada       OK
libtemplates-parser OK
libtexttools        OK
libxmlada           OK
libxmlezout         OK
music123            OK
narval              ready but build-depends on polyorb
opentoken           OK
pcscada             OK
polyorb             ready but build-depends on gnatpython
spark               OK
topal               OK

As you can see, all but a few packages have now transitioned to
gnat-4.6.  In a couple of weeks, I shall request that packages
that still have not made the transition be removed from testing
(but not unstable) so that other packages can migrate to testing.

Also, a minor change in Debian Policy for Ada is forthcoming: we
will remove the virtual package ada-compiler, which is not really
necessary and causes lots of lintian warnings[1].  So, please go
ahead and upload updates to your packages to remove dependencies
on ada-compiler.  The last step will be to upload a gnat-4.6 that
does not Provide: ada-compiler.  I hope to do this last upload in
May at the latest, in time for the freeze in June.

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-ada/2011/12/msg00012.html

Ludovic Brenta.

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