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Re: polyorb / gnat-4.6 problem

Xavier Grave wrote:
I have reduced the problem out of polyorb :(see attached files)
gnatmake -P test.gpr => runs fine
gnatmake -a -P test.gpr =>
gcc-4.6 -c -I- -gnatA
gnatmake: external source (g-expect.adb) is not part of any project;
cannot be compiled without gnatmake switch -x

So I see two quick fix : remove -a or add -x options, but this seems
"dirty" to me because I'm not fully understand why this problem arise
and what others problem will be induced by these changes.

I think I'm beginning to understand. With -a, gnatmake considers whether or not to recompile g-expect.adb and for some unknown reason decides that it must. But g-expect.adb is not in the Source_Dirs of any project file
because it is part of the Ada run-time library.

Maybe try gnatmake -a -v -P test.gpr and see why gnatmake thinks it must recompile g-expect.adb; this might be a bug in gnat-4.6, possibly because
of time stamps on g-expect.adb and g-expect.ali.

Also try gnatmake -a -m -v -P test.gpr (minimal recompilation) to see if
it makes a difference.

Ludovic Brenta.

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