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Re: GTK for Ada's libgtkada and Glade (GTK designer) problem

"ElectricCroc ." <electriccroc@hotmail.com> writes:
> I would like to draw attention to the following post which resulted in
> a "wontfix" and claim of "feature" by design:
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=638478
> Is this a problem, or is the GNAT Ada GTK toolset being upgraded to
> GTK 3?

I suspect this will not be a problem because GtkAda 2.24 already
supports GtkBuilder and no longer supports libglade.  See the file
/usr/share/ada/adainclude/gtkada/gtkada-builder.ads provided with the
package, it contains this:

--  This package provides a high-level API for using Gtk.Builder and
--  user interface files produced with the GUI builder glade-3.

This, of course, assumes that all versions of glade-3 emit XML with the
same schema.  Is that assumption correct?

Furthermore, GtkAda uses the Buildable interface of GTK+ to build the
widgets from the XML description of the user interface.  This suggests
(but I have never tried or verified) that any incompatibilities between
the XML emitted by glade 3.10 and GtkAda will be detected at run time.

I encourage you to try for yourself.

As regards package dependencies, since it is possible to use GtkAda
without glade (i.e. program the UI by hand), and since glade is never
used at run time anyway, a dependency on glade is not appropriate.

Ludovic Brenta.

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