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Re: Emacs and Monotone problems

Xavier Grave <grave@ipno.in2p3.fr> writes:
> Thanks Stephen for your detailed and complete answer, may I quote your it in
> the Debian BTS for 590262 ? In order people can have a work around
> alternative ?
> Can you also put your monotone version available @ ada-france ? I'll be
> pleased to give a try to DVC.

Me too.  I've seen you Stephen mention DVC several times on
comp.lang.ada but didn't find it in my Debian installation and didn't
spend the otime to look it up.  I am an avid user of GNU emacs, monotone
and Ada.  I normally use monotone.el with custom key bindings but I'd
prefer something better maintained.  I have also been hit by these two
bugs since upgrading to monotone 0.48 (not long ago) and just lived with
them, i.e. loaded each file twice :/

What I have begins with:

;;; monotone.el --- Run monotone from within Emacs.
;; Copyright 2005 by Olivier Andrieu <oandrieu@nerim.net>
;; Version 0.2 2005-04-13

I don't even remember where I got this file from.

Ludovic Brenta.
(posting from emacs with gnus, of course).

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