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Re: Please release the Ada Reference Manual formatting tool as Free Software

"Randy Brukardt" <randy@rrsoftware.com> writes:

> No. I made a list of things to do immediately when I returned from Spain,
> and the list turned out to be a full page long. I decided that the minutes
> of that meeting were the most important of the tasks, and I still haven't
> managed to finish that -- so the majority of the rest of the list
> remains.

Since Randy won't get to this soon, I suggest we upload my current
version, and lobby to get it into Squeeze.

I used the non-free tool to produce texinfo source from Randy's source,
and declared the texinfo source the source for the Debian package. The
debian/rules file builds html, info, pdf, and text formats from the
texinfo source.

The package is in ada-france monotone. I think the simplest way to
upload it is for Florian to do one more upload of the current package,
giving me upload permission for it (I am a DM). Or I could post the
package tarball on my web page. Let me know.

I'm not sure exactly how to lobby to get it included in Squeeze.

-- Stephe

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