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Calling curl_easy_setopt crashes on 64-bit Debian stable


I am trying to create bindings for libcurl and noticed that calling
curl_easy_setopt from Ada crashes on 64-bit (x86_64) Debian 5.0.4.

Same code works on 32-bit (x86) Debian 5.0.4 and 32-bit Windows XP
(with Janus/Ada), so I suspect that either GNAT on 64-bit systems
doesn't handle C functions properly or I am doing something wrong
in my bindings.

Code can be found from

"make" compiles the code and it can be run with command
"objects/fetch". The program tries to fetch url
http://www.stronglytyped.org/ and output it to stdout.

Plain C version of the program is also there to rule out
a problem in the libcurl package.

It would be nice to know does the code work on 64-bit Debian
unstable. I don't have access to such system, so I cannot test
it myself.

Tero Koskinen - http://iki.fi/tero.koskinen/

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