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Re: Improving in-place upgrades of Ada packages from Lenny to Squeeze

2010/6/6 Ludovic Brenta <ludovic@ludovic-brenta.org>:
> Package: gnat
> Architecture: any
> Depends: gnat-4.4 (>= 4.4.2-1)
> Recommends: ada-reference-manual, gnat-gps
> Breaks: libadasockets-dev (<= 1.8.6-2), libasis-dev, libaunit-dev,
>  libaws-dev, libflorist-dev, libgnademysql-dev, libgnadeodbc-dev,
>  libgnadepostgresql-dev, libgnadesqlite-dev,
>  libgnatprj4.3-dev, libgnatvsn4.3-dev,
>  libgnomeada2-dev, libgtkada2-dev, libtemplates-parser-dev,
>  libtexttools-dev, libxmlada-dev

These breaks need to be versioned - e.g. libasis-dev ( << squeeze)
there "squeeze" is the version of the transitional package libasis-dev
which depends on the new libasis-newabi-dev just like in a
package rename.

>>>>> 2. the old-libs will stay installed in at least of the form of a
>>>>> transitional package in oldlibs as at least apt/lenny has no
>>>>> support for disappear packages so this trick can't be used (not
>>>>> sure about dpkg, aptitude uses apt facility in this regard, so also
>>>>> no support).
>>>> This is ugly, but not horrible.
>>> Does apt/squeeze have support for disappearing packages?
>> Yeap, or at least >= 0.7.26~exp5 has and apt is registered for an abi
>> transition/binnmu series so it will hopefully find its way into
>> unstable/testing some day in the future… (currently blocked)
> Could you shed some light or point me to some doc as to how this feature
> works?  I'd like to know whether it can solve the problem or not.

E.g here http://wiki.debian.org/Renaming_a_Package

It is not documented very well currently as it can't be used for squeeze
and would therefore most likely only confuse maintainers (i guess).
Disappear should remove the need in the future for transitional packages
(see "apt-cache search dummy transitional").

Best regards,

David Kalnischkies

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