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Re: sources.list


On 31-10-2022 21:16, K0LNY_Glenn wrote:
Hey All,
I am wondering if anyone here could tell me which line in my sources.list
file is causing a distribution conflict.
Also, I'm not sure if I have the contribution source listed in my
sources.list file.
I am running bullseye 32 bit.
I'll attach it in case anyone can check it over for me.
Thanks much.

There a couple of weirdnesses, although I'm not sure there's conflicts. What error do you get?

1) there two spurious spaces in front of the lines with bullseye-updates
2) you ask for "contrib" but *not* for stable and stable-backports
3) you mix "stable" and "bullseye". while that's currently correct, after the bookworm release that means you mix bookworm and bullseye


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