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Re: how to stop Marco from locking up on Bullseye/Mate?

    Ok that is a good tip, thanks.  It doesn't make sense, but since I installed firefox-esr version 91.11.0esr-1_deb11u, the problem hasn't happened.  Maybe one of the libraries Firefox depends on was upgraded.  I didn't even start up Firefox previously and would have the problem whever I closed VLC or MPV and sometimes Chromium.

If you haven't installed that, you could try it as an experiment.

On 6/29/2022 7:47 PM, Jérémy Prego wrote:


I confirm this bug under debian with a version of marco higher than 1.24.0-1.

I had already mentioned this problem earlier without a solution so far. I don't know how to reproduce the problem every time.

to unlock marco and orca, just call the orca preferences with the shortcut orca + space. once an orca window appears everything unlocks...until next time...

Le 29/06/2022 à 20:48, Chevelle a écrit :
If I start VLC to play an audio file and press control-q to quit the file Marco gets locked up.  This renders ORCA useless because it can't read things properly.  The system is useless at that point.  A similar thing happens with MPV.  It was happening with Chromium until version 103 came out last week.  If I switch to a console window and kill Marco the problem goes away temporarily.

Does anybody have a solution for this or know how to track it down or file a bug report on it?

I sent the ORCA developer a debug file demonstrating the problem with Chromium, but she never answered me.

On 6/29/2022 9:59 AM, Didier Spaier wrote:
Hello Roberto

Le 29/06/2022 à 15:27, Roberto Burceni a écrit :
Thank you for your response. Which distribution are you using for xlqt?
Slint, but running the pre-version 15.0 not yet released (I am its maintainer).


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