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Re: Improved choice selection in speech-enabled Debian installer

Hi, I went to that site but the mini.iso file is no longer there.  Does the tmp directory get cleaned up after sometime as on future posts this would be useful to mention?  For those advanced users who want to build the debian-installer with software speech in the mini.iso after we clone the debian-installer git repository what option do we pass to make to build this installer and is there an option to include any non-free firmware into the iso image for those of us who need it and should the mini.iso image when booted automatically start talking after enter is pressed? Nick Gawronski

On 4/13/2022 4:47 PM, Samuel Thibault wrote:

I have improved the choice selection in the speech-enabled Debian
installer, please give it a try:


The idea is that one can now not only type the number followed by enter,
but also select the answer with the arrow keys and press enter to


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