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Re: Request for help on braille and speech on virtual console


Le 22/03/2022 à 16:42, Jim Armantage a écrit :
I am blind and have just loaded debian 11 on one of my machines.

Great, welcome :)

I am having trouble with speech and braille on a virtual console.
The braille is active. I am having trouble getting contracted braille running.
It seems to be stuck on computer braille.
Could you help me get contracted. braille up and running.

Is it ok you use a tty, not a graphical terminal? What is your braille device (because this behaviour depends on prefs where you can go via a binding of your braille device)

Also there is not speech on the virtual console.
I need help getting the speech running.

hmmm it depends how you want it. I dont remember how brltty can get it, but you can try with speakup if you like. Or vi emacs-speech-el package. Have you get it on other distros and how?


Sorry, but I am new to Debian.

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