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Re: Bug#1002976: installation-reports: Installer Does Not Provide Screen Reader in Accessible Installation


D.J.J. Ring, Jr., le dim. 16 janv. 2022 00:56:17 -0500, a ecrit:
> I'm just trying to make sure I notify everyone that should know about this,
> John.

The way to do this is to keep 1002976@bugs.debian.org in the Cc of your
mails. Otherwise the information you are providing is scattered in
various mails in various mailing lists, there is no way we can fix the
bug if the needed information has to be collected tediously. Creating
yet another thread on yet another mailing list cannot help fixing the

So, as already wrote:

Samuel wrote:
> > D.J.J. Ring, Jr., le sam. 08 janv. 2022 21:33:12 -0500, a ecrit:
> > I tried console 2 but nothing is there.  The soundcard detection just goes in a
> > loop, over and over asking me to select a soundcard but no sound.
> That's on purpose. As I wrote previously, proceed to the language
> question, and then you'll have the busybox shell available on console 2.

So please proceed to the language question, then switch to console 2,
and there mount a vfat-formatted USB stick and copy /var/log/syslog onto
it. For instance:

mkdir /usb
mount /dev/sda1 /usb
cp /var/log/syslog /usb/
umount /usb

Possibly it's not sda1 but sda, or sda2, or sdb, or sdb1, or sdb2,
depending how your disk and USB stick get detected. You can for instance

cat /proc/partitions

to see how big the disks are, and thus identify which one is the USB


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