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Re: Bug#1002976: installation-reports: Installer Does Not Provide Screen Reader in Accessible Installation

On 1/16/2022 7:46 AM, D.J.J. Ring, Jr. wrote:

Missing from this is the information that:

The mini.iso that Samuel provided did not produce sound, unfortunately, I
could not access Internet with this iso as I needed firmware to do so.

The gall here is to provide the missing sound drivers in the installer,
making internet irrelevent!

Samuel said that he had the files he needed, and that ALSA might be working
on a fix.

Yes that is the idea but we need to work together on this.

So the bottom line is that, the 'mini.iso' provided by Samuel is still
not working.
If this is the case, please do:
- Install Debian with the iso that Samuel has provided
- After installation tar up '/var/log/installer' (see below)
- Attached that tarball to your next reply

As I understand it, I need to install files from the Internet to have a
working system that is capable of furnishing logs. I'm willing to try

No -- the log that we need will always be available.

It is media dependent if Debian is installed the logs are placed in
'/var/log/installer' (this is all documented in one of your threads or

again, but I have no Ethernet where I live, we have collective WiFi in this
location and the WiFi needs firmware.

Please note that we are testing the sound card here and internet is not
required at all as d-i can install without a network connection.

John Doe

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