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OCRdesktop 3.0 Released

Howdy List,

sorry for cross posting, but I thought you might be interested into that.
I just released OCRdesktop 3.0 with some very nice stuff :).
For those who don't know about OCRdesktop:

1. i removed unmaintained "tesserwrap" bindings and use "pytesseract" now. This is very good maintained and is able to use Tesseract 4.1.x and Tesseract 5.0. Last didnt work with tesserwrap anymore cause by broken API. 2. Removed all deprecation warnings, Modernize the code, use spaces instead of Tab and all kind of cleanup goodness. 3. i added an very nice new feature to analyze the color of an given Text and its background. So you can figure what text is highlighted, has the focus and all kind of useful stuff. its off by default and could be used by "-O" flag as parameter. For this we need some new dependency webcolor and scipy.

See the full story here:

Where to get:


- python3
- tesseract
- tesseract-lang-<yourLanguageCode>
- python3-pillow
- python-atspi
- python-pytesseract
- libwnck3
- GTK3
Optional Depencys
- python-scipy (for color detection)
- python-webcolors (for color detection)

I hope you have as much fun while using it as i had while working on it :).
have a good day and stay healthy in those crazy times.

cheers chrys

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