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Re: Bad Behavior by GRUB

Hi Chile and All,

Sorry for the too many typos, please read:

As I wrote in the Slint list you can use the efibootmgr application shipped in
Slint and also available in Debian for several purposes, among which
a) Change the order of the boot entries permanently.
b) Tell the firmware to boot a specific boot entry at next boot.

So what I meant is that efibootmgr is also available in Debian.

Other correction: the option if grub-install to prevent writing a boot entry in
the firmware's boot menu is: --no-nvram (with a hyphen between no and nvram).

last, discard this line:
2) You can

As an aside and still about GRUB, I highly recommend blind users to install
grub-emu, which allows to get a an accessible preview of the GRUB menu as it
will be displayed after rebooting.

It is best used in a console but can also be used in a graphical environment.

You can navigate in this (fake) menu with the down and up arrow keys to
highlight (put the focus on) a boot entry of which you can display the details
pressing 'e'. You can go back to the menu pressing Escape.

To exit from grub-emu press c then type exit and press Enter.


Le 11/01/2022 à 10:39, Chime Hart a écrit :
> Hi All: Yesterday Didier mentioned an item called "alos" for Debian, which
> neither apt nor aptitude have? Wonder if it were a typo? Thanks in advance
> Chime

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