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Re: Iggdrasil, a new amazing screenreader

gnome, the 800 pound gorilla of desktop systems.  Pandemic memory prices
have gone up and lighter memory systemsmay not be able to take a visit
from our gorilla.

On Fri, 31 Dec 2021, john doe wrote:

> On 12/31/2021 4:12 PM, D.J.J. Ring, Jr. wrote:
> > The network-manager package should be installed by default to ANY
> > installation of Debian perhaps even along with the basic system prior to
> > software selection - so that using the undocumented "!" software selection
> > (it should be documented right in the installer itself to produce a working
> > command line networking system!
> >
> In headless, there is no need to use nmcli to configure the network,
> 'systemd-network' '/etc/network/interfaces' are some possibilities.
> The utility is generaly pulled as an dependency.
> > But your saying that even with network-manager package installed, it has to
> > be configured to run! Not very accessible. Installation should install the
> > package and at least ask the user if he wants it started, or better yet,
> > start it and have it ready for use with the commands given to disable or
> > stop it.
> >
> This is already the case, nmcli is an dependency of Gnnome/ for example.
> For Mate, it makes less sense as you have other means to configure it.
> --
> John Doe

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