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Re: One of the latest Debian update broke speech output :-(

On Thu, Dec 30, 2021 at 11:44:42AM +0000, Jordan Livesey wrote:
>I was able to install it with the speech so it hasn't broken that, and. Plus
>olka works, so there's nothing wrong. , are you using version 11?

Yes, I am using the newest branch of Debian 11. Because I need speech in 
cosole and also for Orca in Mate desktop a standard setup of Debian does not 
work, at least I do not how. So its necessary that you configure the system 
after a fresh install to have speech in console and Mate and it might be 
that my problems are related to one of the changes I did to have speech in 
both environments.

However, restarting brltty after a reboot does enable speech again...

I'll research this further on during the next days...



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