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Re: Bootable linux cd iso image with ssh daemon activated

On 12/9/2021 7:43 AM, Christian Schoepplein wrote:

some weeks ago I've created a bootable linux cd ISO image which has ssh
enabled and allows login remotely as root. Now I've created another image
which has also included brltty. After booting this ISO you can still
connect via ssh, but also a connected braille device should be detected and
brltty should be started.

Both ISOs can be written to a USB stick and used as bootmedia e.g. to have
a powerfull rescue system. Because the ISOs are based on the well known
SystemRescue CD many usefull tools are included out of the box:


The cd contains many usefull tools for different administrative tasks, see
here for more infos about the included tools, but the programms which need a
grafical environment will not be useable and speech support has to be
configured manulay if wanted:


If a package is missing it can be installed after booting the cd, the whole
system is based on Arch linux.

You can download the ISO files, with and without brltty included, here:


After booting the cd your computer will get a dynamic ip address in your
network. You can get this address e.g. by scanning your network or via your
routers webinterface. If you know the address you can connect via ssh with

In general, the router GUI interfaces are not screenreader friendly.
That would be lovely if the DHCP client could send an hostname that is
unic on the network making the hostname an alternative to using an IP.

The last time I checked, the Debian Installer was using the ncurses
interface for the SSH server which was unaccessible.

John Doe

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