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Re: dbus-broker vs dbus-daemon for the accessibility bus

>>>>> "Samuel" == Samuel Thibault <sthibault@debian.org> writes:

    Samuel> Hello, Michael Bibl is pushing for using dbus-broker :)

    Samuel> Apparently people have been happy with it, so I have enabled
    Samuel> it in at-spi2-core version 2.42.0-2. If you want to test it,
    Samuel> upgrade the at-spi2-core to that version, install the
    Samuel> dbus-broker package, and reboot. It should be bringing
    Samuel> better performance, notably under heavy loads.

I'm a bit confused.
In smcv's message to debian-policy, it sounded like dbus-broker was a
replacement for the system bus, not the session bus.
Does it actually replace all the busses?

I need to make time to play with all the new stuff next week and will
give it a try.


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