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remapping the Escape key to the F9 key


I have the Function keys on the left side of my keyboard because I have difficulty reaching above the numbers row. Unfortunately, my Escape key is way up there, so I swap it with F9 which is the at the bottom left of my keyboard using xmodmap:

   : xmodmap -pk | grep 'F9\|Esc'
         9      0xff1b (Escape) 0x0000 (NoSymbol)   0xff1b (Escape)
        75      0xffc6 (F9) 0xffc6 (F9) 0xffc6 (F9) 0xffc6 (F9) 0xffc6 (F9) 0xffc6 (F9) 0x1008fe09 (XF86Switch_VT_9)

   : xmodmap -e "keycode 75 = Escape"
   : xmodmap -e "keycode 9 = F9"

   : xmodmap -pk | grep 'F9\|Esc'
         9      0xffc6 (F9) 0x0000 (NoSymbol)   0xffc6 (F9)
        75      0xff1b (Escape) 0x0000 (NoSymbol)   0xff1b (Escape)

This work in every native application I use except the Chrome browner where I still have to press the Escape key.

Does anybody know why this doesn't remap and how I can remap it for Chrome?



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