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Re: gaining access to the expert install options with speech possible?


majid hussain, le ven. 01 oct. 2021 16:27:01 +0100, a ecrit:
> is it possible to access the expert mode of the installer process?

Yes, see the
wiki page:

Starting from Debian Stretch (Debian 9), expert installation, rescue
mode, and automatic installation are also available with accessibility
support. The procedure slightly differs for UEFI and BIOS systems: BIOS
systems require pressing return after each command, UEFI systems
don't. Please use the instructions below as appropriate. After the
boot has completed, a beep will be emitted on BIOS systems, while
UEFI systems will beep twice. To access the advertised functionality,
one has to first enter the "advanced" submenu from the boot menu by
typing 'a' (on BIOS systems this has to be followed by return; on
UEFI systems that must not be done). To enable speech, pressing 's'
(again, followed by return on BIOS systems but not on UEFI systems)
will enable speech support. Now various shortcuts are available: 'x'
for expert installation, 'r' for rescue mode, or 'a' for automated
installation. Again, these need to be followed by return when using a
BIOS system.


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