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Re: Debian Installer Bullseye RC 3 release


Kenneth Schack Banner wrote:
> The torrent mirror seems to have a bug, i was not able to download the
> unofficial release using a bittorrent clinet, but i was able to download it
> with http/ftp

This is completely out of our area :)

I don't know who would be best to contact, but probably
will know.

> Under the installation I used high contrast mode and am wondering if its
> possible to use "automatically login" due to my next bug?

Mmm, I don't think there is something like that implemented already, but
I'll not as a TODO.

> After the installation and a reboot i meet a login window, where im not able
> to use the magnifier (super + mouse wheel) and either invert colors (super +
> m/n)

Indeed, now submitted upstream


Note that you have the F1 and F2 shortcuts which provide limited visual

> The other bug i experienced is if i use F2 + alt (run program)
> And i type terminal and hit enter i get an error, there is 1 choice
> "mate-terminal".

Well, yes. I don't think they will consider it as a bug, because
apparently the text field is supposed to be the command name, not just
an approximation of the name, even if the list below provides hints as
what an approximation could be.

> In high contrast there is maby more icons there is not in high contast, one
> i found was Firefox.


For firefox that's because we have firefox-esr. I have reported it as

For the others it's just missing icons, I have reported it as

Thanks for your reports,

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