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Re: debian bullseye on chrome os with crouton

Didier Spaier, le mar. 24 août 2021 23:15:27 +0200, a ecrit:
> For this reason I ended up setting these defaults for Slint in
> /etc/skel/.profile
> export XDG_CACHE_HOME=/dev/shm/$(whoami)
> mkdir -p /dev/shm/$(whoami)
> chmod 700 /dev/shm/$(whoami)
> Maybe not very orthodox, but no issue reported so far due to these default
> settings.

On the long run I don't think it will continue working. The use of
/run/user is widespread nowadays, so software will cope with it.
/dev/shm however is seen as a security concern, and people will want to
replace its use with other means, to the point of being able to remove


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