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Bad News Upgrade to Bullseye Gone Bad


I decided to upgrade my Debian Stable (Buster) system today using instructions on the Internet.

I booted into Mate. The first bad thing was no speech. I remembered being asked if I wanted to update my /etc speech dispatcher files. I said "yes" because /etc is system settings, right? I forgot speech runs system wide.

Next was to fix that problem by just reinstating MATE, but now the second problem:  no networking. I rebooted to use a USB rescue disk.

I had to use a Ubuntu rescue disk because both my Ethernet and Wi-Fi cards contain non-firmware. 

I did a chroot having mounted my broken Debian system at /media/debian.

My updates seemed OK, but reinstalling didn't seem to work because they were done in seconds.

Is there a method of fixing a broken Debian Bullseye system on the latest release candidate CD?

Best wishes  


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