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Re: Please help with accessibility of accessibility :)

Firstly, a HUGE thank you to everyone working on accessibility improvements. Your work is greatly appreciated.

I am partially sighted. I can use a computer screen fine so long as the fonts are big enough. I don't need a screen magnifier, just no tiny fonts. This is easier said than done!

No matter how many things I tweak in Debian, Gnome and certain applications keep presenting me with tiny fonts. Menus and pop-up messages are typical, sometimes complete application interfaces. An important aspect of testing, therefore, is to check all fonts. Anything smaller than the set size will probably be unreadable.

It is possible to see these tiny fonts by using a screen magnifier. However, this is frustrating as it a cumbersome interface and would be unnecessary for me, and many others, if only the tiny fonts were eliminated.

A few examples: The Gnome top bar (it expands a little by setting "large fonts", but not enough to be comfortably readable. It seems impervious to all other settings); Mega Sync pop-ups (really tiny!); Cryptomator (the entire app is unusable on Debian Gnome). I can provide more examples, if it helps. I realise there may be some workarounds for the examples I have given (happy to hear about them!) but the things is, really, I want to tell my operating system that I am disabled and need large fonts and that should be it. It sould not keep presenting me with fonts that are a fraction of the size I have set.

Thanks again for you work!  I hope this is helpful.

Best wishes,

Chris Orme
Bath, England, UK

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