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Navigating to motal Cookie Consent Dialogues with Orca and Firefox

I was trying to look at the netplan documentation (https://netplan.io/ )
in order to understand cloud-init.
However what I appear to get in Firefox with Orca (bullseye) is a
completely blank web page.
Sighted coworkers tell me that  there is a web page you can get to
behind a cookie consent dialogue.

I can't access that dialogue at all.

I'm hoping that I'm just missing some aspect of using Orca with Firefox
and it's easy to get to where I need to be to click and then get to the
real web page.
I've run into things like this with a couple of other sites as well.

Any advice would be welcome.
Orca 3.38.2-1
firefox-esr 78.10.0esr-1


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