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Re: Viable speech recognition tools?

On 05/22/2021 09:48 AM, Aaron wrote:

On 5/21/21 6:54 AM, Richard Owlett wrote:

The links I found seemed to suggest Deepspeech was aiming at people
like me. An important feature is that it is open source. However, I
found on article suggesting Mozilla was winding down its development.

I wouldn't worry too much about it. Even if they are winding down
development, it sounds like they will continue to be involved with it,
and they have done a truly remarkable job in getting it to the point it
is now. [...] The big
issue for Mozilla is finding a way to pay for continued development. If
people are really using the tool and aware of it that would go a long
way towards making it easier to justify funding. [snip]

I don't think I'll pursue it further until deepspeech has at least reached the "experimental" section of the Debian repository. The structure and underlying assumptions just don't match me.

Is there a recommended download site which has an associated user
network, be it mailing list or USENET {preferred}. I find web based
fora unusable.
I use the Github site https://github.com/mozilla/DeepSpeech when I have
questions. The developers have been surprisingly responsive in the past,
which I greatly appreciate. Hopefully the community will continue to be
responsive. I am not aware of any USENET forums for either DeepSpeech or
Automatic Speech Recognition in general, although if you do find one, I
would be interested in hearing about it.


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