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Re: Bug#987587: libpango1.0-udeb: hangs the installer in various situations

Cyril Brulebois, le lun. 17 mai 2021 18:12:35 +0200, a ecrit:
> Additionally, even with all 3 cdebconf-gtk-* packages converted, we
> still get libgtk2.0-0-udeb pulled into a netboot-gtk build, because this
> package pulls it:
>     build/pkg-lists/gtk-common:libgail18-udeb
> Adding debian-accessibility@ to the loop for awareness, and for input
> since it's been a while since I last looked into accessibility details…
> Would we need some prospective libgail-3-0-udeb to replace it in a GTK 3
> world?

gail is only needed for gtk2, gtk3 includes the accessibility stack
by itself.


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