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Keyboard freezing


Any ideas why my keyboard might suddenly freeze up? I have Debian Bullseye, Brltty 6.0, Mate and Orca. 
I was forwarding an email with mutt. the Braille display said mail sent. Then no response to any keypress. 
I had to use the power button to turn the machine off and then back on. It said Screen not in text mode. i had to ssh in from another machine to reboot. It is OK now. It had been up for 64 days.


John J. Boyer
Email: john.boyer@abilitiessoft.org
website: http://www.abilitiessoft.org
Status: Company dissolved but website and email addresses  live.
Location: Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Mission: developing assistive technology software and providing STEM services 
        that are available at no cost

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