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Re: Debian Buster installer and speech issues


Jude DaShiell, le mar. 23 avril 2019 15:33:39 -0400, a ecrit:
> On completion the usb speakers clicked
> but no speech or sound ever came out of them for both cases.

You mean that at reboot you didn't have sound?
What does /etc/default/espeakup contain?
Also, just like for the case of speak inside the installer I need
the debugging information mentioned on 


otherwise I can only try to do divination, which I'll most probably just
fail at like in the past years.

> I logged in on both cases and ran speaker-test and had a headset
> attached to the speaker and mic jacks and only heard static through
> the headset. both speakup and orca failed to start in each case.

Failed to start, or failed to speak? Do the processus really not exist
at all?


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