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Re: An espeak question

On 4/2/2019 3:06 PM, Martin McCormick wrote:
> The older PC's I have for Linux are great and now speakup works
> as it should so I have a new question.

Not according to:


In the follow-up e-mails Samuel does answer you.

> 	When the espeak engine is not processing text to speech,
> is the sound device, usually card 0, really free to use for
> normal sound activities?
> 	It seems to be but sometimes, the law of unintended
> consequences rules.
> 	These systems do not handle multiple sound streams at all
> so if something has control of the sound device, espeak stops
> talking and if espeak is talking, playing and sometimes recording
> with that device fails.

Could be that the sound card does not support that.

> 	I did try pulseaudio more than once as it is supposed to
> give the effect of handling multiple streams but either I didn't
> install it correctly or there was some other issue because I
> never got it to work right.

What did you do and where were you stuck?

John Doe

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