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Re: Linux 9 stretch What to do about reviving speakup? It Works!

On 4/2/2019 4:56 AM, Martin McCormick wrote:
> 	After getting the path in the correct place in
> /lib/systemd/system/espeakup.service, the upgrade works just like
> it should.
> 	If you want the system to boot talking, you also need a
> line containing nothing more than espeakup in your /etc/rc.local
> script.

You shouldn't have to mess with rc.local to have espeakup started at
boot (rc.local is executed at the end of the boot sequence).

After a reboot and with no rc.local file present What is the output of
the following command:

$ systemctl status espeakup

In other words: espeakup should speak during and after the boot process
without needing to do anything in particular.

I also echo the sentiment expressed in this thread regarding the
outstanding work of the accessibility folks.

John Doe

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