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compiz: Migrating to compiz-reloaded?


On 22/11/2018 19:08, Samuel Thibault wrote:
 > For debian-accessibility: a very interesting feature of 0.8.16 is the
> ability of ezoom to track focus events, which makes it a very effective
> screen magnifier.

I did set that in Slint with Mate 1.18, now the window moves when I type
or use the arrow keys so that the cursor stays on the middle of the
screen (as Alex showed me at a Samedi du Libre) if I zoom.

Very nice, thanks Samuel!

I attach my ~/config/compiz/compizconfig/Desktop.ini. I have done some
settings including to allow compiz to manage the windows, but it's still
WIP, so proposals for enhancements are welcome.

1. I had to modify the key bindings for Initiate the Magnifier:
Alt+m => Alt+o
else it conflicted with Toggle Window Negative
2. I modified the keybindings of the Switcher to be able to switch
between the panels and the desktop


as_active_plugins = core;decoration;colorfilter;resize;neg;glib;mousepoll;matecompat;obs;move;focuspoll;showmouse;ezoom;mag;switcher;

s0_follow_focus = true

s0_follow_focus = true

as_prev_key = Disabled
as_next_panel_key = <Shift><Alt>Tab

as_initiate = <Super>o

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