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assertion while running Firefox on ARM 64

So I have near to my goal.
Speech-dispatcher work and no random crashes occur. But when ever I execute Firefox, I AM getting The following assertion.

orca:8939): CRITICAL **: atspi_accessible_set_cache_mask: assertion 'accessible == accessib
le->parent.app->root' failed
May be, that it is caused by The fact, that Irun all apps as root user and algorithms are not being developed to run as root.

I AM wondering, if The main cause of this assertion is not The fact, that Proot module, which allow me to run 64 bit instructions on ARM 32 bit CPU is not too slow. Or if flash chips file system manipulations on Android device is not so slow, that C code do not have enough time to work.
What do you think about this assertion?

By The way, I Am able to run several GTk apps at The same time, so I can close windowsand other app do not crash. Except Pluma text editor, Orca script manager always crash when I press CTRL+q in Pluma.
But Combinations such as Nautilus and Gedit text editor are fine.
My experiments are bringing some fruits, but I AM sad that I do not know C and C++ to solve complex issues by modifying Proot or at-spi library myself.

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