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Re: mbrola became free

Hello Paul,

It could have, but now others know about it. 

I would have told the list, if I was told afterwards to send privately, I would have done that from then on.

In my excitement of something so good, I would have told others because it is difficult to find new accessibility solutions.

Charging money for something is not evil, it pays the rent and salaries of the developers and the bookkeepers.



On Thu, Nov 1, 2018, 07:21 Paul Gevers <elbrus@debian.org wrote:
Hi David,

On 01-11-18 11:52, D.J.J. Ring, Jr. wrote:
> I am happy for his message.  Except for it, I would not know about this.

I do appreciate it that the message was well received on your end.

> He was very nice about his message and it was only a few needed words.
> Thanks very much, I am better for his message and EVERY word then
> without it.

But the message could have been sent in private.


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