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Re: Userland Android project, Orca and accessibility

Dear Mr Tibault,
There is currently big programmers issue, which prevent Userland from running whole Gnome or other desktop with Orca. FIrst of all, all C++ apps, which allocates shared memory and their programmers concept do not count with The fact, that this feature can not be available since Android kernel do not allow shared memory allocations and usage, those apps and .so libraries will not work.
There is something specific, what prevent Firefox from working with Orca. Caja, Nautilus, Gedit, Pluma and other GTk apps including Synaptic package manager work normally. But Firefox makes Orca silent. Firefox support build in hodkeys, I can navigate to some WEB site without Orca, but Orca do not communicate with Firefox process at all. May be some sockets problem, or D-BUS problem, that there is something non standard while running Userland.
And my biggest night mare is Speech Dispatcher and Espeak.
I have even got crash report when running SPD-say.
But I AM afraid, that if i would like to use Orca with Espeak, I would had to migrate to last stable Orca version, which supported Espeak gnomespeech driver and Libgnome speech.
But I do not know, how to simply find this Orca version.
In this case, I would had to compile this old version of Orca from source, because so old Orca release will not be compiled for ARM 64 bit CPU.
But it will not solve biggest problem, that Firefox do not speak.
Marco, Icewm and several other GTK window managers are working. All GTk window managers, which uses 3D graphics instructions and can not automatically switch off this support will not be supported by Userland. But developers are very active, so I must patiently wait till they will solve those problems. But I would like to hele to help them.

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