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Re: How to use a better TTS, such as Pico?

Dear Sirs,

Good afternoon. I have used the information provided by Mr. (Dr.)
Jeremy Whiting. I have installed libttspico package and used it from
within Libreoffice.

How can I use spd-conf to use pico package directly from within Jovie?
Using c programming language?

In LibreOffice there is an add-on, read_text.2018.08.12.oxt, that has
an option using an external program such as python3 to read
libreOffice documents via this code:


--visible=false "(TMP)"

The Add-on is downloaded from

How can I combine the two lines of codes to read directly from a
copied to clibboard from a text file?

I have installed the three files from Debian package archive for Wheezy:
from https://www.debian.org/distrib/packages

It has a package called pico2wave that uses this code:
Usage: pico2wave <words>
  -w, --wave=filename.wav     Write output to this WAV file (extension SHOULD
                              be .wav)
  -l, --lang=lang             Language (default: "en-US")

Help options:
  -?, --help                  Show this help message
      --usage                 Display brief usage message


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From: Susmita/Rajib <bkpsusmitaa@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2018 10:19:08 +0530
Subject: Re: How to use a better TTS, such as Pico?
To: Jeremy Whiting <jpwhiting@kde.org>
Cc: pupeno@kde.org

Thank you, Sir. I found that pico could be downloaded and installed from
sudo apt-get install libttspico-utils
I have in the process of installing libttspico-utils when your email arrived.
So thank you once again for informing.
A GNU-FOSS admirer and user

On 21/08/2018, Jeremy Whiting <jpwhiting@kde.org> wrote:
> Hello,
> Unfortunately Jovie tts is old and no longer maintained. It is slowly (Yes,
> I need to do more here) being replaced by QtSpeech. Both Jovie and QtSpeech
> use speech-dispatcher as their speech synthesis engines. Fortunately
> speech-dispatcher can be configured to use pico pretty easily assuming you
> are on a distribution that has packages of pico. spd-conf is a command-line
> utility that can be used to configure speech-dispatcher currently.
> Hopefully sometime in the near future a gui to configure speech-dispatcher
> will be created. I have visions of creating such a configuration tool for
> KDE but haven't started yet.
> Hopefully that helps somewhat.
> BR,
> Jeremy Whiting
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