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Re: Cant use accessibility features of compizconfig-settings-manager

GNOME and Compiz are not compatible together. You have to use Mate to be able to use Compiz features.

To install Mate on Debian, you've to select Mate in the tasksel step of the Debian installer.

Best regards,

Le 20/06/2018 à 10:39, Kenneth Schack Banner a écrit :
Hi Alex

Thanks for your fast reply.

In Ubuntu 18.04 its Gnome, but i got issues in all distros ive tried (Based on Debian). I dont know how to do that, and think its a lot of effort for visually impared users..

Ive bumped into a problem, i tried to search for how to install debian for blind users and found out in the boot menu of debian i should click s and enter to start a console based installation with speech (Very nice!)

But at a time in the installation, somewhat around the name of the computer the speech dies out.. (Maby after selecting wifi network). im using the +non-free debian edition to ensure compatibility on my computer.

I have bit sight so it helps and the console (black background and white text is very helpful!).

Im trying to get this up and running and will do more testing.

Den 19-06-2018 kl. 09:32 skrev Alex ARNAUD:
Hello Kenneth,

My responses below.

Le 18/06/2018 à 21:40, Kenneth Schack Banner a écrit :
Im a visually impared Linux user, im trying to switch to Debian. Currently im running Ubuntu 16.04 and wanted to upgrade to 18.04, but for some reason i cant use zoom or negative colors (compizconfigsettings-manager compiz-plugins) Enchanced desktop zoom and negative).

What is the desktop environment on Ubuntu 18.04 ? To be able to use Compiz easily, you should use the Mate desktop and configure it to use Compiz as window manager. Is it what you've done ?

I set my own keyboard shortcuts to zoom in/out and turn invert of colors on/off. But its not working.. I've tried other distros with same fault (Based on Debian) so now i guess the problem is in Debian..

I don't think so as I'm also using Compiz with EZoom and negative right now to write this message on Debian 9 "Stretch" with the Mate desktop environment.

Best regards,

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