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self-taught dev with some issues

Hello from Quebec,

I'm a linux community manager and a self-taught sysadmin, I
collaborate with a blind programmer and work on various accessibility

I aim to slowly finish a Debian derivate project aiming to rollback
changes into regular Debian after showing the gains of my way, theses
may be major improvements, I don't reinvent the wheel, I just use the
features in an unexpected way to do more easily, it would be like a
debian "next" iso toolkit to build thing usable by anyone even not
blind than a new derivate.

Main issues now for me and users I may maintain later are pidgin
purple-facebook plugin, teamtalk, switch the default voice to a less
robotic one, have a proper installer and an iso builder.

Outside of that, we may have a way to promote Linux accessibility easily.

Count me in for accessibility testing if you need.

Michaël Caron Couturier

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