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Re: pulseaudio and espeakup


Alex ARNAUD, on sam. 30 déc. 2017 11:21:35 +0100, wrote:
> A possible solution could be to enable to emit sound from TCP or Unix
> socket as described here:
> http://billauer.co.il/blog/2014/01/pa-multiple-users/

I thought about it indeed, I'm just afraid it's quite involved.

> It seems it's not only a accessibility issue because a computer could be
> used by multiple users and in some situations sighted users encounter this
> problem also.

Yes, and such a solution needs cooperation with the pulseaudio
maintainers anyway, we can't tinker something without synchronization.

> I'm not sure removing PulseAudio is a good idea. As I understand New Firefox
> releases require PulseAudio to emit sound.

Oh right, so we have to bite the itch anyway.

> > We really need to fix this (and I'm really depressed that it seems
> > nobody took the time to manage to work out a solution).
> I agree with you on this particular point but you couldn't miss the
> contribution of Paul and Jeremy on accessibility team on packaging that
> could allow you to focus on more complicated tasks you seems to be aware of.

Sure, I'm really glad to see things happening, thanks a lot to the
contributors :D

I was just thinking about accessibility in general, AIUI the problem
is generally known since quite a long time, and AFAIK some discussions
happened somewhere on some pulseaudio lists but without actual
conclusions and solutions, while this does not seem to be a so technical
issue like Debian packaging is, so a lot of people could have led the


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