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Re: Disabling orca lightdm-gtk-greeter


john doe, on mer. 03 janv. 2018 16:21:08 +0100, wrote:
> Has explained in a previous thread I install Debian for sited user

I'm afraid I just can't manage to remember all of what is happening here
and there, there are just too many mails in my mbox.

Now I do remember the thread about adding a debconf question in the
debian installer, but so many things happened and made its way to my
mbox in the meanwhile (like a hundred of mails, litteraly) that it's far
away in my head, unless you link things by reusing the same mail thread.

> That's why I disable speakup/orca from autamatically speaking but I need to
> keep orca/speakup when I help them.

So you basically need both, actually. As a short-term solution in your
case, is having to modify something on the filesystem (renaming a file
somewhere in /usr or /var etc.) fine enough?

Actually, on the long run what we'd want is sort of the contrary to
disabling orca :) be able to enable orca one-shot at the DM. IIRC, there
are DM shortcuts to start orca? At least I believe that's what we should
aim for.

> I must say I never understood why installing Debian with accessibility would
> assume that accessibility should be enabled at boot on the installed system.

Well, at the very very very least the first reboot should have it
enabled, otherwise it's dumb to have accessibility during installation
but not right after: install something, but not have hands on it after
the fact.


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